August 02, 2010

Forever Fresh & Rell "Prince Carter"

 "The Art Of Production"
Fresh & Prince Carter

Real recognize real, and everyone else is blind leading the blind. These upcoming producers are planting they’re flag firmly. They know where music comes from and they have a passion to continue its course. In the studio over pan pizza & sodas, “The come up” chopped it up with Fresh and Rell (a.k.a Prince Carter). You're guaranteed to hear a lot from them through your speakers.
Interviewed by T.Mill (tmillonline.com)

The Come Up - What's up fellas? Where are you guys from?

Fresh - Brooklyn

Rell - South Jamaica Queens

The Come Up - How long have you been doing music?

Fresh & Rell - around 10 years or so.

The Come Up - What roles do you play in this team?

Fresh - Im more in direction sometimes, singing , arranging, etc..

Rell - I rap and hands on with the programming, and sometimes we switch it up, we’re very versatile, were’ not limited..

The Come Up - What is your goals in music

Fresh - appeal to everyone. Take it back to the 80’s, the love and freedom of creating,    everyone was bringing so much different flavor.

The Come Up - Tell us about your come up...

Rell -  My father used to produce, and I learned from him .While others was playing basket ball, I was producing, asr-15’s, listening to classic LP’s on the technic’s. I became a LP, vinyl addict going to my friends cribs listening to they’re parent’s LP’s.

Fresh -  I used to memorize my mothers favorite records word for word .Prince and Michael taught me melody, I used to play basketball in Brownsville and I was nice with it. I remember biggie said “either you slinging crack rock or you got a wicked jumpshot. I had a daughter and  was taking nursing in school and after basketball didn’t work out I decided that was the last game I would lose .

The Come Up - What equipment were you working with and what are you using now.

Rell- I started with a Casio SK5 with the short ass sampling, lot of great producers now used to use that, it was hot.

Fresh - I used some of the same, and  worked up to a triton, and technique 12’s. I learned a lot from my uncle and he taught me how to really “listen” to music. Now we’re, working with logic a lot.

The Come Up - Any upcoming artists, or mainstream, you’ve worked with -

Fresh - We’ll keep that a secret, we can’t tell that just yet

The Come Up - Who are your top 5 producers?

Rell -
Jimmy jam and teryy lews
Teddy Riley
Bomb Squad
Premiere, I can’t leave him out.

Fresh -
Teddy Riley
Quincy jones
Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis
David Foster
Timbaland/Rodney Jerkins, to me it’s a tie, since Rell got 6 lol.
The Come Up - When did you know you were built and born to produce?

Fresh - No matter what I did I always resorted to music. I would work with many people and it wouldn’t work, till I got with Cory and everyone then I knew I was in the right place. “I’ve climbed so far so long that I know this has to be it. People are acknowledging my work and how much me, Rell and Cito are putting in work.

Rell - Before I met Cory Rooney I was just doing regular beats, and I taught myself how to play. Corey got hold of my cd and really liked it. I been reading up on history and classic albums, working to be the best, I get a great reaction from people & that fuels my ambitions.

The Come Up - How did you meet Cory and Hasan?

Fresh - Word of mouth, meeting up with people . Everyone was telling Corey about me and he put a project on the line for us. I met the LCX through Cory,  when Hasan met me he told me I was talented & encouraged me to continue.

Rell - I met Cory through his nephew who’s like my brother. I met Hasan through Cory, and I respect his grind. I’m watching how he handles business, I’m inspired by his grind.
  "Angels" by Prince Carter

The Come Up - What are you working on now?

Rell - I’m working on my first mixtape, before summer it will be released, entitled - “Money, Love, Art & Fashion.”

Fresh - I’m working on pop artists Julia & Britany. I’m more hands on to further my craft, working closely with the artists & sharpening my craft.

The Come Up - This time next year where will you be?

Rell - I’ll be in the studio

Fresh - I’ll be in LA, Miami, New york, swarmed with work.

The Come Up - What do you look for when working with new artists?

Fresh - Respect the music. Respect ideas, opinions, no matter how big you are or coming up. Trust us and trust our vision. They gotta grind, “we don’t sleep!” Be ready to grind & learn how to compromise.

Rell - Love the music, love what your doing. Be a nail in the song, make us feel it.

The Come Up - What do you want all of our readers to know?

Fresh - Don’t limit us, we can work with anybody. Hip Hop, Rock, Pop. We respect the music, we don’t have limitations. We pay homage, do our homework. We love what Stevie Wonder has done for music, real recognize real.

The Come Up - How can people get in contact with you?

Fresh - krushgroovetv on youtube, leave comments on the LCX page.
Fresh in the studio smiling for the camera
The Come Up - Any shout outs?

Fresh - Cito, he’s another part of our team. A dope producer.

The Come Up - Can we expect you on Hasan's Adidas project?

Fresh - We’re working to really get on it and putting in work

Rell in the studio laying vocals

The Come Up - Hottest chick in game?

Fresh - Lady Gaga

Rell - Lady Gaga, we would love to work with Gaga

The Come Up - When visiting New York, where do you recommend hanging out?

Fresh - Rooftop, Greenhouse, Blvd, Mansion & Friday and Santos.

Rell -  Same...Mansion, Guest House.

The Come Up - Any other talents or aspirations?

Rell - Design sneakers for Nike or Adidas, all proceeds will go to community centers to put music and art in the centers. And a clothing line.

Thank you fellas for sharing “Your Come Up”. And we look forward to hearing from you soon...