April 09, 2011

Jasika Nicole

If you're a fan of Fox's hit series "Fringe" then you probably know Jasika Nicole. This beautiful young lady is on the rise with talents that go way beyond acting. I guarantee you'll be seeing a lot more of her in the near future. Jasika's definitely on the come up...
Interview by T.Mill

The Come Up - You have been soaring through the arts for quite some time now, what attracted you to acting?

Jasika - I started in musical theatre, and I loved (and still love) dancing and singing onstage. It’s not something I can describe really, the feeling I have when I am performing, but being onstage is a place that makes me feel so satisfied and excited about what I am doing that if I had not continued with it, I would have deprived myself of something that makes me undeniably happy.

The Come Up - Many actors and actresses describe a "feeling" they experience on stage, how do you feel on stage?

Jasika - It’s like acting out your favorite dream and never having to wake up from it. I imagine that I get the same feelings onstage as the kids had in the first part of the movie "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". Actually, I probably get the same feelings onstage as I would in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" too.

The Come Up - What did you learn about voice, dance and theater in North Carolina?

Jasika - I learned how to work with other people, as an ensemble and as a collective. I was taught the true meaning of collaborating with a group of artists who have different skills but the same intentions, which is to create a fantastic live experience for theater goers.

The Come Up - Whats your most favorite memory or character on stage?

Jasika - I played Nicolette in a new musical called "Chasing Nicolette" at the Prince Music Theater in Philadelphia a couple years after I moved to NYC. It was the first show I performed in as an adult where I worked with well known Broadway veterans, and therefore the first time anyone considered me to be in the same league as such incredibly talented professional actors. It was such a fun show because I got to sing the whole show, do comedy, get kidnapped by a nun and then travel the world dressed like a male troubadour so that I could find my true love. It is one of my greatest triumphs
onstage, and sadly the last play I ever performed because shortly after the show closed I started booking TV and film work.

The Come Up - If you weren't acting or illustrating, what profession would you take up?

Jasika - Its either performing or illustrating- I'm not interested enough in anything else enough to make it a profession.

The Come Up - Some say you can tell much about a person by what they listen to & read ,
do you agree?

Jasika - No, I don’t think musical and literary tastes give me enough of an idea about a person. I have too many really close friends with completely different tastes than mine to put much stock in those qualifiers.

The Come Up - Who's in your play list?

Jasika - Janelle Monae, Erykah Badu, Talking Heads, Animal Collective, Anita Baker and Prince.

The Come Up - Is your artwork available for fans to purchase, and where can they buy the handbags?

Jasika - My handbags are available through http://www.ecoarthandbags.com, and at this
point I am not selling prints of my artwork, but I hope to eventually.

The Come Up - Fill in the blanks... My favorite food is __

Jasika - toast

The Come Up - I love the color __

Jasika - gray

The Come Up - I can't live without __

Jasika - something to keep my hands busy.

The Come Up - A kitchen is __

Jasika - the best place in the world.

We wish Jasika much success in all her endeavors. She definitely deserves it...