April 08, 2011

Nia Da Foxx

From singing at the White House, overcoming the loss of a child,  to acting in major television shows such as The West Wing, The district, The E! series "Infamous" (where she played O.J. Simpson's daughter), and many independent films. Her purpose is to be a friend to all that are hurting, lost and lonely.... Nia Da Foxx is on "The Come Up"                
- Interview by T.Mill  (www.tmillonline.com)  

The Come Up - Hello Nia, welcome to the Come Up we're glad to have you!

Nia Da Foxx- Thanks so much for having me, I've been looking forward to having the opportunity to sit down and chat with you.

The Come Up - There's so much talent in D.C and your becoming the latest sensation, how does it feel?

Nia Da Foxx- WOW!!!! The latest sensation huh?!?! Is that what they're saying about me??? That's an Awesome compliment. We have so many creative individuals here in DC. It feels good to know that people are paying attention to my hard work and dedication to my PASSION!!! This is what I was born to do, and I'm loving every minute of this journey.
The Come Up - Where are your favorite spots in D.C?

Nia Da Foxx- When I'm in the mood to party I have to visit LOVE, The LUX Lounge or The Water Club. There's nothing like a good DC Party, we know how to rip the dance floor.....seriously!!!!

The Come Up - You've been singing and acting all of your life, is there any other talents you're proud of?

Nia Da Foxx- Well, I love to write. As you already know I have quite a story to tell and making sure people understand my story and my message is very important to me. I also love to dance, it's a great way to get out any frustration I may have. And I guess I'll tell you my little secret...I've been taking boxing lessons for 2 years now, don't let the bougie fool you, a sista knows how to defend herself!!! I will knock a nicca out if I have too.... LOL!!!!!

The Come Up - Your name is perfect, it respects your energy and brand, where and how did your name come alive?
Nia Da Foxx- LOL.... Nia Da Foxx was a silly lil joke that my producer and I had between us. I'm really into fashion and I like to have fun with my style no matter where I may be going. Even if I'm just hanging out at the studio, I'm going to be FABULOUS Darling!!!  LOL
So, my producer would tease me and call me NiaDaFoxx cause I was foxxy at all times, but the name actually became my persona after a performance at the Knitting Factory in Los Angeles, CA.  One of my fans came up to me and said that he was sooooo intrigued by me and my performance and he didn't know why, he couldn't explain it.  I told him it was the Foxx in me that had him so captivated. LOL ..... I'm a mess sometimes!!! But seriously, on that day NiaDaFoxx was officially born!!!

The Come Up - Music producer Wow Jones once described your music as "Feel Good Music with a Sexy,Sassy Kick!!!" Take us inside your creating process with your song "Go Away"

Nia Da Foxx- Go Away is a sassy little song. I think the beat has a club vibe to it so it was fitting to turn the song into a club banger but make sure it kept it's sexxy, sassy kick. So many club bangers cater to men, but Go Away is strictly for my ladies!!!

"Go Away" -
 Go Away by tmill

The Come up - What are some of your most proudest achievements?

Nia Da Foxx- Hmmmm.... I would have to say having the courage to step out on Faith and move to Los Angeles.  I packed my bags, loaded up my car and drove across the country in pursuit of making my dreams come true!!!

The Come Up - What separates you from other artists.

Nia Da Foxx- I would have to say my BRAND seperates me. My team and I are all about a movement!! My BRAND is "Re-Introducing the Art of being a Lady"
When I was 12 my God-Mother told me a woman needs to learn how to be three things. A Lady in the street, A Freak in her bedroom, and A Bitch in her kitchen. LOL .... my God-Mother was something else.
Well we have enough artist out there teaching our lil girls how to be the Freak, but now it's time for someone to teach them how to be a LADY. And I'm the perfect LADY for the job. I've always been the unique one in the bunch, I never like to follow the trend. So, I'm not going to change who I am for this industry, I'm going to go against the grain and be THE LADY OF THE INDUSTRY, no matter who likes it.

The Come Up - How do you see the industry right now, would you change anything about it?

Nia Da Foxx- LOL ..... WOW!!! Where do I begin. I really wish the industry would respect female artists. We have to work so hard to prove ourselves, we have to be Pretty, have a banging body and have talent.  But a male artist can come to the table looking any kind of way. There's so much pressure on women to be perfect and that's ridiculous!!!!

The Come Up - What can we expect from you in 2010, and how can we support?

Nia Da Foxx- Awwww..... I have so much that I want to do.
My 4Bidden Mixtape (The EP Edition) will drop this summer, I'm in talks with a broadcast station to start filming a Reality Show based on my journey (I'm really excited about that) and I'm going to do a East Coast Tour in the winter.
I love the support that you've given me thus far, I guess my request from you would be to keep showing me love and I'll always Love you back!!!!