December 02, 2011

BluRoom Therapy

After signing a recording contract, releasing a highly acclaimed mixtape, performing at New York's Jacob Javits Center, supplying music for projects such as the 9/11 10 year tribute and Sony Pictures Underworld: Awakening; you might ask what else could these guys be so excited about? Well they're releasing their first official single this month & they couldn't be more focused & elated. Famine and Redline a.k.a BluRoom Therapy is ready to take the world by storm. And after talking with these guys I can definitely say they're on the come up!

Ha Candy - So fellas tell the people who you are and how did you two meet?
Redline - What's up, It's your boy REDLINE
Famine - What's up world, I go by the name of FAMINE, We met back in high school, We've known each other for over 11 years now.

Ha Candy - Is rap music what you guys always wanted to do in life?
Famine - Um, not really. Me & red played ball back in high school, Music was a hobby back then.

Ha Candy - Being that music game is not doing so good for some artist what's your outlook on the game and what is your plans in this business?
Redline - The music business is really bad now, You got artist that use to sell 500,000 copies 1st week, Now they struggling to hit 100,000 first month. If you want to be successful you gotta think of the bigger picture not just music. Big marketing plans, Music, think of Movies, films, Learn how to expand your brand (that's what we learned from our BOSS HASAN)

Ha Candy - Top five MC's today you look up to and why?
Redline - Big Pun = Besides him being the 1st latino to hit platinum, I honesty feel he didn't even get the chance to show the WHOLE world his talent. He died too young.
Biggie= he was one of the first to have the craziest flow in the game, Is like everything he said would stick to your head....
Famine - (Wu-Tang) since 1993. Wu brought something to the game that can't never be replaced. A sound that in today's day people are still sampling from!
(Eminem) just because he never pay mind into what people gotta say about him, He believed in himself and that's all that matters in life.
Also (Redline) he's my fav. rapper right now, he motivates me to keep on making music

Ha Candy - How do you feel about the N-word, and do you use it?
Redline - This is HipHop music lol
Famine - Oh boy lol!

Ha Candy - Give us a breakdown of how BluRoom makes music as a group.
Redline - Um, usually I'm always writing lyrics on my phone, I'll hit famine up to hit the studio tell him my idea and he would make a beat in 10 mins....after that is history that simple lol

Ha Candy - So how did you guys get your deal with L.C. Experience,and why did you go with them and not another company?
Famine - We met HASAN "L.C Experience's CEO" through our management team. When we first met we played him our music and explained to him our vision on what we were trying to do...After the 2nd meeting we was good to go. What made us sign to L.C Experience was they understood everything we was trying to do, It's was deeper than music, More about expanding the brand of BluRoom Therapy.

Ha Candy - We have a lot of female readers so what kind of women do you guys like?
Redline - Def some HaCandy ones lol, Oh man we LOVE latinas, Caramel complexion..Beautiful, Thick, like they say her body like a Coke Cola bottle lol....

Ha Candy - Here's a funny question I like to ask artist who tour or go on the road…give us your wildest groupie story, keep it clean and to the point…lol
Redline - oh man lol famine go ahead....
Famine - oh man, I been on tour in Canada. One of the craziest nights in montréal I can actually say we was performing for 10,000 people, When we was backstage girls starting finding out what hotel we was staying at after the show, When we was on our way to the hotel the whole lobby was full of girls, after that you already know I have no comments (mouth shut) lol.....

Ha Candy - What would you say is the reason for all this rap beef when most of these artist don't even know each other and how would you handle your first rap beef?
Redline - I personally think is corny, especially after they dissing each other so crazy then next day they hugging each other, doesn't make sense....Around where we from if you talk the talk you gotta know how to walk the walk. If they diss us I'll let them, that would show that we doing our thang....

Ha Candy - Who would you fellas like to work with in music and why?
Redline - Jay-z, cuz that's hov lol
Famine - 50 Cent, I honestly think my production fits 50

Ha Candy - Do you two always see eye to eye?
Redline -Yes, that's what makes us so tight...We might disagree on something, But at the end of the day it all makes sense....

Ha Candy - Ok, now that we know a little bit about BluRoom, give us some parting words for your fans and the new ones I'm sure you'll get after this interview…
Redline - ZOMBIE LIFE lol, That's what we use a lot..We always breaking nights in the studio, I see famine's face and he be looking like a zombie lol
Famine - ZOMBIE LIFE..We wanna thank everybody who's supporting BluRoom Therapy. Our whole staff, management, our label L.C Experience... Be on the look out for Muzik Evaluation 3.0 word up BluRoom Therapy one love!

BluRoom Therapy's single "Big Ballin" hits all digital outlets December 6, 2011
BluRoom Therapy - Facebook
BluRoom Therapy website - http://bluroom.thelcx.com/