February 07, 2012

Cuzzin Bop

Hip Hop has evolved. There's so many different types of rappers now a days it's hard to have one favorite. You have mainstream, underground, conscious, funny, lyrical, melodic, etc. No matter what your preference is, the one thing they all have in common is a love for the craft & a true grind. With saying that I'd like to introduce you to someone who will definitely be in the conversation as one of your favorites. He's talented, he's focused, he's consistent, he's hungry. With numerous successful mixtapes under his belt & features on musical projects such as X-Men First Class, Underworld:Awakening & the NBA All Star Soundtrack, you have to know this guy is going nowhere but up. His name is Cuzzin Bop, get familiar if you aren't already....he's on the come up.

Ha Candy: I Have to ask where did the name Cuzzin BOP come from? and what do you like to be called...
BOP:  Bop came from my aunt lorra (RIP)...before I could even walk. Her & my family called me bop bop but I took the other bop off...lol. I threw cuzzin in front of it cuz every time I turn around somebody said they was my cousin...so you know...but I rather be called bop.

Ha Candy: When did you start rapping and what made you want to be a rapper?
BOP: I ain't start rapping til I was 16. Rapping was far from my mind, I was just a fan.  I started writing verses here and there you know over instrumentals. Then my brother Miguel Blanco put a studio in his house and it was history. He always told me anybody can write a verse but can you make a song. From that point anything I did was in song mode. Industry instrumentals I made them mines. My mission was to make you forget the song belong to the person who did it. Losing my football scholarship due to being incarcerated I fell back on rapping. While I was in I read the dictionary and thesaurus to better myself. Now I'm here doing this interview with you.

Ha Candy: From listening to some of your songs I take it your a hardcore MC?
BOP: Some might say, but if you ask me I'm just a MC period.

Ha Candy: What does it take to write a song and where do you pull your inspiration from?
BOP: I say it's 50/50 for some it takes a lot for some it don't. Me...I'm in between. Me personally, I know what I'm gonna talk about from the go...so, I always put the last 4 bars together of each verse. Then I start with with my last verse first, then my hook, and everything else. I know you're thinking "what the fuck??"lol. That's how I do it though and it works for me. My inspiration is my kids...not only do I want better for them and not live like I did coming up, they make me want to better myself...lol. They're my biggest fans, especially my daughters...They motivate me.

Ha Candy: Is there someone in particular that made you want to be in the music business?
BOP: My brother Miguel...I was not good at all, no delivery no nothing, just a loud ass rapper...lol. That nigga stuck with me as I progressed, he believed in me to the fullest. He used to tell niggas Bop going to be nice watch.

Ha Candy: How do you keep focus on what your trying to do in this rap game?
BOP: Don't laugh...meditation. I got so much on my plate especially when it come to my family, and they first. Then the progress of my career, and the shit outside of that. Shit wears on you for real, stressful as hell you feel me? But I stick with what my brother T.J told me, I gotta remain up when niggas is sleeping. I always gotta take some time out my day to meditate cuz if I don't...it will get ugly lol. And I always remember what I'm doing this shit for.

Ha Candy: Do you have any doubt in what you're doing as far as making a living in music?
BOP: Not at all, and if it fails I won't regret it at all. This is life and if you don't take a chance what the fuck you doing with ya life?? It's something like a closed mouth don't get fed feel me? When I take a chance on something I look at it like jumping off a roof and if I don't land on my feet I get back up and do this shit again. Take another chance on something else.

Ha Candy: With Rappers like Jay-Z still making successful music, do you think Hip Hop should have a retirement age?
BOP: Hell nah, if I'm blessed to see his age and still be successful in this business I'm in!
Ha Candy: What makes this music thing worth grinding for? Why not be a doctor, lawyer, cop or just something else to get money?
BOP: I grind hard to be an artist cuz it leads to other avenues. I don't just want to be an artist. I'm talkin businessman/icon. Ain't nothing wrong with them other careers, I'm just not into them.

Ha Candy: It seems like now a days rappers have to go to jail or get locked up to stamp their stories or songs as real, what do you think about so many rappers getting locked up lately?
BOP: First off just because a person been locked up don't mean they real or none of that other shit niggas talk about. Alot of niggas talk that shit out here but in there they be softer then a fucking muffin. Shit I know real niggas who aint never been locked up out here taking care of they kids and shit. I don't glorify being locked up. That's just another mistake I want to repair and its included in my story. Shit jail ain't no place to be, I missed all 4 of my kids 1st bdays in that bitch going in and out. I ain't proud of that at all. It's a plantation for real. So if niggas is getting locked up for some type of street credit tell them niggas I said #KILLYASELF.

Ha Candy: Besides rapping, do you have any other interests in the entertainment industry?
BOP: Ya boy trying to get his movie director and writer skills on...lol.

Ha Candy: How much of your business are you involved in when it comes to your career, and do you have a team around you to help you with that?
BOP: I'm involved in my business 200%. I'm still constructing my team now...so if you're interested get with me.

Ha Candy: Whats do you think it takes to become a successful artist today?
BOP: Being consisting and relevant

Ha Candy: Top five dead or alive and why?
BOP: Emeneim, Rick Ross, Jay-Z, 2-Pac, Andre 3000...explaining why is too much time, but point blank period these 5 mastered their craft and the game in their own way and didn't give a fuck. When it come to being lyrical...I shouldn't even have to explain...period. 

Ha Candy: What does Cuzzin BOP do with his first big check from rapping, lol
BOP: I can sit here and say all the things I would do but I won't know for real until that time comes.

Ha Candy: In Biggie's song JUICY, he says "this goes out to all those that thought I wouldn't amount to nothing," do you have any non believers out there?
BOP: Who don't...they called haters. you know the people who hate what you doing on the outside but love ya movement on the inside. They miserable cuz you doing something with your life and they're not or you doing better. You gotta love em tho...lol.

Ha Candy: What do you want our readers & the rest of the world to know about Bop?
BOP: I don't know, I'm just a average nigga from the hood growing up wanting to better for myself. And while niggas is just chasing their one dream I'm chasing what's beyond that.

Ha Candy: I want to thank you for sitting down with us Bop, we appreciate your time. Any shout outs? Where can the people find you on the net?
BOP: Shout out to the whole A.P.E/Self Made camp, my city, my family, the label L.C Experience, shit the world...lol...follow @cuzzinbop on twitter, facebook, cuzzinbop.thelcx.com, www.cuzzinboplive.com coming soon. The single dropped Jan. 31st "Sally" on itunes, amazon, and every other digital outlet in the world...WATRRR