January 07, 2013

Jurian Isabelle

Jurian Isabelle

By: Tim Miller for Ha Candy Magazine

This month we sought out one of the best upcoming video/film directors, “Jurian Isabelle” (http://www.j-iproductions.com/). Measure his level of loyalty & commitment to his hometown “The Rocket City”.  We chop it up about is history, goals, and impressive achievements. There’s much more in store for this young man, but for now, Jurian Isabelle is on “The Come Up”.

Jurian Isabelle    

Ha Candy - Welcome Jurian Isabelle, where are you from?
Jurian Isabelle - I'm from here in the Rocket City. As far as growing up, I remember the most being "weird" lol. Thinking up concepts and video ideas and stuff before all of this was "cool" lol. Back in the 90s everybody wanted to be like Jordan. I wanted to be like George Lucas and Spielberg and Hype Williams. Of course now its the "cool" thing to do and everyone does it.

Ha Candy - How long have you been directing videos?
Jurian Isabelle - This might sound cliche but I honestly think its a God-Given gift. I've always done videos, even back to when I was four or five years old with my dads JVC camera lol. A lot of it just came natural. I learned a lot of technical stuff when I went to school. But most of it I already was
doing, I just didn't know what the terminology was. Professionally you could say about 2 years though.

Ha Candy - What city are you representing ?
Jurian Isabelle - Huntsville of course! lol. I really love my hometown and I love working with
upcoming talent here. Even though I've worked with a lot of people from different cities, I'm honestly local artists biggest fans. A lot of them want to shoot videos and they hit me up and be like "I want to shoot a video to this". And I come back "That's cool, but you ever thought about shooting to such and such" and they be like "You listen to my music?" and I be like "yeah, of course" lol. I've got a real good ear for music and beats so a lot of times I suggest songs they may have not paid much attention to. Its so much diverse talent in the city. Everybody has their own style which is really unique for local music scenes. Most of the time every artist from a certain city sounds the same, but here its like a hot plate of talent. You got some of this, some of that. And of course it hits me really hard when something happens to a local artist, for example LaChris, because I have a creative connection to a lot of local artists here doing music, art, and film. I feel connected to them in a way because at the end of the day we all are following our dreams, or what's in our hearts.

Ha Candy - I know this is a hard one but so far what's been your most memorable video shoot?
Jurian Isabelle - Yeah, that's kinda hard to say, because every shoot is different. You're working with different people every time in different locations and circumstances, so every shoot has its funny moments and magic moments. Alot of times the best moments are unexpected, unplanned moments. Like having three cars at the beginning of a shoot, and ending up with like 40 because people see you going down the parkway shooting lol (Roller Skate) Or having it snow in a cemetery (J.O. Five Shots/Gettin 2 Da Money) or a simple house party in Bama Starz new video 'Cool MF'.

 J.O Five Shots - "gettin 2 da money"       Bama Starz new video - Cool MF

Ha Candy - Before hiring you to direct a video what should an artist do?
Jurian Isabelle - Nah, I'm a very approachable person. Every artist is different. Some artists trust you completely and they ask which song would be good for a video, or which song I have a vision for, some come with the song already in mind and ask me what I think. And some people have the song & somewhat of an idea and its a collaborative effort. In totality it really depends on the artist.

Ha Candy - Do you have any other awesome talents?
Jurian Isabelle - I'm not the best person to talk about myself lol. But I like to do anything that has to do with creativity. So, taking photos, designing flyers/ cd covers, I've dabbled in clothing design and graphic design (because I love fashion and art). Writing screenplays, directing movies. Really
anything that has to do with creative self expression, because at the end of the day it all falls under the same umbrella.

Ha Candy - What's one thing few people know about you?
Jurian Isabelle - I'm a very spiritual person. I'm real close to God. Doing videos and stuff is cool, but I've been thinking lately I need to do more to bring people to Christ. It's so much death and destruction going on and we are faced with so many challenges in our lives that we have to overcome that we need more nourishment than just the superficial stuff, (cars, clothes, girls, etc). None of that stuff helps you when you are faced with real life situations. They are just temporary substitutes that keep you pacified, but they don't bring you true peace or happiness. Don't get me wrong, I'm not anti-materialism, I love fashion and clothes too lol. But it has to be in perspective. And we have to be cognizant of the fact that that's not what's important. And not what's going to give us everlasting life after we leave here.

Ha Candy - Any advice to aspiring directors out here?
Jurian Isabelle - I have mad respect for everyone that has been doing videography and those coming up. Everybody here locally I love and respect all their work. It can be kinda weird keeping close contact with people that are doing the same thing as you, because the initial reflex of anyone is to
draw up in your corner and say its me against the world lol. But its important to have that line of communication and respect for people doing what you do. Its been some crazy rumors in the past that we all are against each other and this and that, but thats not the case at all. Specifically me and Jude Boi talk a lot and will more than likely work together in the future on some projects. And Deno was there before really anybody in the city knew I was doing videos. Waaay back in the Myspace days lol. Hooking me up with projects and encouraging me. So I will always remember that and I love him for that. That always stuck with me, and I try to do that with other videographers that are coming up like Christopher Cotton and Ray Ray, who I think are amazing. So advice wise, I would just say stay humble, even with everybody telling you this and that, stay humble and be a good person, grind 24 hours and pray up so God can look after you. You run into a lot of different people in life with different mindsets, some positive and some dangerous. So you just have to pray that God protects you.

Ha Candy - Shout outs?
Jurian Isabelle - I just wanna shout out everybody in the city that are making moves. Specifically my family Concrete Magazine, Angela and Rick who have, in a year's time, just single-handedly, completely put a face on all the talent in the city and state, Masheeka Bone, who is going to be doing some super hot stuff in 2013, my brothers and cousins in the Syndicate, who are also working for some hot stuff for 2013, Penelope Louise, upcoming model and anyone who has ever encouraged me or said anything positive. In this business its so much negativity and people want to tear you down, so I just want to thank anybody who has complimented me and my work, I really appreciate it.

Ha Candy - What should we look out for in 2013?
Jurian Isabelle - 2013 is going to be soooo amazing. Especially for the city of Huntsville. Its so much on the horizon, a lot I can't even say because I would get in trouble lol. But safe to say its going to be a good year. And there's a rumor about another Grind Nation coming up too lol

Ha Candy - Thanks for hanging out with us Jurian,
Jurian Isabelle - No thank you Tim! Pleasure is all mine thanks so much for the opportunity, God Bless! Keep up the good work! Luv the Blog! lol

Jurian Isabelle - http://www.j-iproductions.com/

Currently Jurian is finishing up a movie by two local playwrights called "The Bobby Pin Diaries" They’re  basically taking the stage play and turning it into a feature with all local actors/actresses and doing a mixtape/soundtrack to it with all female artists. A large part of the production will be handled by Brandon Pair, who is a genius. Its going to be amazing. The Grind Nation documentary is dropping this month, which was an amazing, historic night in Huntsville. He’s also going to start working on his first feature film "The Last Disciples". All local artists/actors. You can catch him traveling to Jersey, New York and Atlanta with many commercial projects on the horizon.

I met Jurian on the set of a video shoot. With a confident ease he directed everyone toward a common goal and delivered an experience. His visions are high definition, cutting edge, and accentuate the talents of artists, models, fans, and industry professionals. Jurian works closely with local artists and gives them the same quality if not better than most noteable video directors. Lets be honest a “Local artist video” can stick out like a Kardashian on a gospel show. However Jurian Isabelle exceeds and elevates all expectations with his own style. I personally encourage anyone that values their career or business, to invest in Jurian Isabelle.

Tim Miller
Radio Host, Freelance Journalist.  - @tmill205

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