March 04, 2013

Jody Slay

Jody Slay is on “The Come Up “ 

By: Tim Miller for Ha Candy Magazine
Modeling & Talent agency

Ha Candy - Welcome to "The Come Up", how are you?
Jody Slay - Doing well at the moment, God is good.

Ha Candy - What's the name of your company & when was it founded?
Jody Slay - Executive Modeling and Talent formerly PrimejockModeling

Ha Candy - Plenty of careers to build, why choose this one?
Jody Slay - I started off as prime jock a way to market athletes, the I branched it off to the models and created a team and the rest is history.

Ha Candy - How did you come up with the name?
Jody Slay - It was a sports themed company at first but then I changed the name to incorporate the apparel, the social events, and the modeling. Now its executive orders and promotions.
Ha Candy - By the end of 2013 what will you have accomplished?
Jody Slay - I just want 2013 to be productive like 2012. We have the Grind Nation and other events on our radar. We plan on getting girls published and of course featuring a few in HaCandy magazine.

Ha Candy - Tell us about your models...
Jody Slay - My models are some of the best talented and most attractive people in North Alabama. I have any flavor you have the taste for. Its lead by Pennelope Morris and features distinguished models like Chyna Lashay, Cecelia McLaughlin, Renee Cain, Jasmine Miller, and many talented girls. Check out our website to see them and for booking info.

Ha Candy - Do you work with only women models?
Jody Slay - We work with men and women and we also feature a young adult (18 and under) group dubbed the INTERNS.

Ha Candy - How is your company different than all the others?
Jody Slay - Our company is totally different from others because we are more team and family oreiented. We feel every can succeed and WILL. With this it keeps down drama and jealousy and develops relationships that will last a lifetime. Not only are we the hottest thing smoking, we are all down to earth and easy to work with. Check us out at our website www.primejockmodeling.com which will soon become execmodeling.com or contact us today at executivemodeling256@yahoo.com

Ha Candy - Thanks for hanging out with us on "The Come up"

Tim Miller
Radio Host, Freelance Journalist