May 05, 2013

Mikey D

This Month's "The Come up" we chose to recognize someone who is making a return to Hip-Hop. If it wasn't for him and others of his time, there wouldn't be a "Come up" for the rest of us. Relax and take notes.

Ha Candy - Welcome Mikey D its an honor to interview you. How's 2013 treating you?
Mikey D - Thanks for having me. It's a pleasure to do this interview. So far 2013 is starting off to be a great year. New Year, New group, New album, New circle of people and most of all a new me... God is good!!!!

Ha Candy - I know there must be several, is there one moment you favor in your career and experience so far?
Mikey D - The 1988 New Music Seminar. Me being the underdog, knowing only my community, being able to go into the seminar with no cheering section and winning. Not only did I win the belt, I won the respect of rappers from all over the country and I won an audience I never had before.

Ha Candy - Talk about longevity, you are like the Highlander "immortal." What keeps you from giving up or settling for less.
Mikey D - Basically believing in God... He blessed me with this talent for a reason. And he surely didn't create a quitter. I may not have gotten my proper dues yet, but it's never too late. When I was younger, I may not have been ready for it. But as a mature adult, I now take responsibility for my actions... I never follow what's going on with everyone else. I stay in my lane and drive at my own pace. Now it's finally coming to light. I still have a long road and years ahead... It's only the beginning...

 Ha Candy - There's a lot we can learn from you and others, are you speaking at any schools or events this year?
Mikey D - All of my messages are in my music. I rap from the heart and not my pockets. If you listen to any one of my songs, You'll always get the truth... If speaking at school or events is what is asked of me, I'm there.

Ha Candy - Tell us about elements of hip hop...
Mikey D - ELEMENTS OF HIP HOP is a group consisting of two DL's and the MC.. DJ Mercury and Grandwizard Rasheen controls the wheels of steel. As I control the mic... I'm in 4 wheel drive lol... We are a breath of fresh air of Hip Hop, bringing back the real elements.

Ha Candy - Who's new in the game that inspires you or has earned your approval?
Mikey D - I really don't pay attention to what's going on anymore... As I said, I stay in my own lane.. Rap lost me when it became about money, drugs, murder and calling our sisters bitches..... It really lost me when women started responding positively to being called bitches.. LMAO!!! And wearing pants to the knees?? you can't be serious. That's why my lane is clear.

Ha Candy - With all you have experienced and succeeded can you share some advice?
Mikey D - Never let people tell you you can't. Soon as they do, cut them off... You can do anything you put your mind to. Also take care of your business. Before you get people to take care of your business, be about your business first. Follow your dreams, not other people's dreams.

Ha Candy - What is a "battle " to you and do you think they still exist?
Mikey D - A battle of me is straight up rhyme you and that person going!!! They still exist but on different levels. It's all good.

Ha Candy - If you could choose dead or alive, who would be the greatest battle you would want to see or challenge?
Mikey D - 50 Cent against DMX... I would laugh for days... LMAO!!!!!!!
Ha Candy - Any shout outs?
Mikey D - Definitely you and Hideko for setting this up. And everyone who reads this interview and supports ELEMENTS OF HIP HOP..
Ha Candy - Stay blessed.
Mikey D - Thank you. And the same to you.

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