January 09, 2014

Estela Starr

Singer/Songwriter Estela Starr

Ha Candy: What's up Estela? How have you been?
Estela Starr: What's up!! I been good staying humble & hungry.

Ha Candy: We see you've been doing your thing. Tell the readers what you've been up to...
Estela Starr: Thank you, I appreciate that. I want to start by saying Hi to all the readers. Currently I am working on my EP, Writing music and working on a few projects that will be launched over seas.

Ha Candy: So we hear you used to be a rapper back in the day. What made you give it up?
Estela Starr: Yes the good old rapping days lol I gave up rapping because I wanted to focus more on singing. I have been singing since forever, so its definitely how I want to break into the music business but at the age of 11 I discovered I could rap and ran with it. 

Ha Candy: You have a great voice, what direction are you going with your music this year?
Estela Starr: Thank you that means a lot to me! I know this may sound cliche but I want my music to touch lives and not while your having fun in the club but while your in your deepest and darkest moment. I want to talk about all the things that aren't really broadcasted like why your boss hasn't given you a raise, or about all the single mothers out there trying to get by.. That kind of music changed my life internally so thats the direction I'm going with this year.

Ha Candy: Who do you look up to most in the music industry and why?
Estela Starr: This is a very hard question for me because all the artist in the business have practically raised me musically, so I look up to so many. But where I am in my life right now, I would have to say Hasan Johnson because he has accomplished so much and remains humble. Not to mention he never forgets me. love you HA!

Ha Candy: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
Estela Starr: Happy.. real happy..

Ha Candy: If you can work with any artist fro the past, who would it be?
Estela Starr: If MJ were alive hands down it would be him but i have to say Patti Labelle. I met her almost 4 years ago and we shared a very special moment that will never be forgotten. Most importantly her music has always been inspiring in my life. Also Lauren Hill.. love me some Lauren Hill!! :)

Ha Candy: Any upcoming projects?
Estela Starr: Yes! Thank God!! I am working on a song for a project called "The Calm" which will be released in Paris, france amongst many great talent and I will be featured on the NBA All Star Sound track this year.

Ha Candy: You are truly an inspiration to independent artist trying to come up in the business. Any words of advice?
Estela Starr: Thank you so much! I am happy to hear that and I want all independent artist to know they inspire me as well. For all the independent artist out there with a dream & a vision never ever give up! If I would have given up I wouldn't be where Im at now. I know it gets harder by the day but keep pushing and ALWAYS believe in yourself!

Ha Candy: Good luck with all your new ventures in the new year, any shout outs?
Estela Starr: Thank you so much! Same to you. Yes Shout out to Hasan Johnson my mentor/friend & family you have helped me tremendously these past 2 years and I thank you so much for that! Shout out to Tmill if it weren't for him I would not have accomplished everything that brought me happiness these past 2 years. Shout out to the whole LCX family.. & of course Ha candy! Thank you.