March 03, 2014

Scott Mack

Recording Artist Scott Mack

Ha Candy - Scott Mack welcome to the Come Up. How are you?
Scott Mack - Thanks for having me. I appreciate the love. Im good just enjoying life as much as I can.

Ha Candy - Where are you from?
Scott Mack - I'm from Syracuse,NY, upstate, the Loud House, the 3-1-live, home of the Mack Life movement baby!

Ha Candy - We've been hearing a lot about you. You're definitely out there doing your thing. How long have you been making music?
Scott Mack - I've been doing music so long I can't even pin point the start of it. I know I started I'd say around 12 years old so its been a while for me. It started when I heard my brother and my cousin bumping NWA, Ice cube, The D.O.C  and I was hooked. I spent everyday in school every class writing lyrics my goal was to have at least 1 new verse everyday that was perfect and I never stopped.

Ha Candy - Describe your sound & tell us why we should support Scott Mack...
Scott Mack - I guess thats hard to put into words I'm from the East Coast but grew up on West Coast Hip-Hop. I spent half of my life growing up in the city atmosphere so I have that harder edge to some of my records but I spent the other half of my life growing up in the country so I got that bounce or that country slang  that comes from living in that atmosphere. I think it does nothing but benefit me in the long run cause you get the best of both worlds when you listen to a Scott Mack album. You get real life when you listen to me, the good the bad and the ugly. I think thats why I have such loyal fans cause they know I'm just like them.

Ha Candy - Is making music just something you enjoy now or do you see yourself doing this for a very long time?
Scott Mack - I love making music.Its my first love. I couldn't picture my life not doing it. Its my therapy. My whole life revolves around making music. From the second I wake up I'm thinking music.Its crazy when I'm feeling like I've had enough I get messages from fans telling me how much they believe in me and how I affect their life in such a positive way it gives me more inspiration to keep going. When the love isn't there I'll stop and I don't see that happening anytime soon.

Ha Candy - Many artists are choosing the independent route while others still want that major distribution, do you have a preference?
Scott Mack - It's definitely moving to the independent route for sure. To me its all about what works best as far the business end of things. I can see myself either way but it all comes down to what makes more sense for me and my family.

Ha Candy - After the recent success of Macklemore's pro gay single "Same Love," do you think homosexuality will be more accepted in Hip Hop?
Scott Mack - I think it'll definitely make people look at it in a new light. People are people no matter if they're straight, gay, black, white whatever. I'll never understand the big deal. If people are gay they're gay its not affecting your life so who cares? 

Scott Mack's Syracuse anthem "Loud House"

Ha Candy - What's the hardest part about breaking into the music industry?
Scott Mack - I'd have to say is just finding the right people to help take your career to the next level. I've learned the hard way that there's lots of snakes in this business. Just cause you help someone doesn't mean they'll help you. Everyone is looking for a come up and most people will stab you in the back to get themselves where they want to be. So finding hard working loyal people with drive and who see the big picture is the hardest thing about the music business.If people enjoy the music you make then you're good its just dealing with the shady business end thats the hard part.

Ha Candy - Are you working on anything new right now?
Scott Mack - I'm working on my new project "Rebel Music" right now. It's looking like we'll be dropping it this summer. I got 10 records on there that I'm really looking forward to putting out there and letting people hear what I been cooking up. I got a record on there with Jeremy Greene that I'm excited about called "Don't Stop" that'll definitely have people in the zone. I'm also working on my  MackLife T-shirt line. So many fans have been asking me when I'm going to have Mack Life shirts for them. So just know Mack Life nation they're on there way!

Ha Candy - Are you in a relationship? What kind of girl could win Scott Mack's heart?
Scott Mack - Oh man the girlfriend question. haha! I am single right now. I need a women that has goals. Im a workaholic so I like girls who have something they're working towards like I do. Even if its just going to the gym or getting a degree I like a woman that enjoys the little things in life.Theres nothing sexier than you coming home and your queen's got the pony tail all up, the sweat pants with the glasses on reading a book, to me thats super sexy. I like so called "nerdy" chicks I can't help it.

Ha Candy - Well thanks Scott for taking the time to sit down with us, we wish you much success. Do you have any shout outs?
Scott Mack - I appreciate you taking the time thank you, I want to give a shout out to all the dj's who support me,  all the fans that support me, I have such die hard fans  I love you more than anything keep spreading the word. Anybody who keeps this Mack Life Movement going you all know who you are and I'm forever grateful. Lets make 2014 bigger and better than 2013. You can hear the records on www.reverbnation.com/scottmack and follow me on twitter @macklifemusic to stay in touch with me and the movement. Oh yah one more thing ...MackLife!!