November 04, 2014

Eric Echoes

The Come Up is proud to deliver a gentleman, an artist, an experience. Eric Echoes takes us on an intimate tour of his personality and latest album Majestic Casual. Here’s your first class ticket to paradise. Your Welcome!

Interview by T.Mill for Ha Candy Magazine. - asktmill@gmail.com

Ha Candy - If music is a soundtrack of our life which songs echo your fondest childhood memories?

Eric Echoes - If we're talking a song from my younger days, I'd have to say Shanice "I Love Your Smile. If we're talking something recently that takes me back, I'd go with Sam Sparro "Black & Gold. I'm weird like that.. *smiling*

Ha Candy - Is there a story behind the album? How did it come to life?

Eric Echoes - No small story specifically. Most of my songs have been inside my heart and soul for most of my life. Believe it or not, I am innately shy. The more outgoing and vulnerable side of me emerged more recently. As life began to become increasingly overwhelming, I internally searched for an outlet to pour all of these sounds and words out. The only option was to create and develop a persona that would allow me to possess it and relinquish my thoughts. *smh... and thinking a little more*. It was the real beginning I believe.

Ha Candy - Which song was the most memorable recording session?

Eric Echoes - So far..... I would say My Reflection. We (Chipmunkondatraq, Jonathan Bone, Bransen Edwards, Terrence LeCorn and I) were in the studio for about 14 hours. It got crazy because we had a few "additives" and the creative juices were really electrified. I really love the record.

Ha Candy - You have performed a lot, and continuing to travel. Which place has been your favorite so far?

Eric Echoes - Miami FL. Now that was a fun and sexy show! The venue was small and intimate, they really accepted me and made me feel at home, but more importantly, I made some really good friends. Shouts out to Zenya and Carla!

Ha Candy - Where did the name come from both the album and your name?

Eric Echoes - My name, Eric Echoes, came from a fleeting joke/comment a friend girl made. Basically, she said i was really loud. So loud that everything that I said echoed. Well,..... I got home later and kept thinking about it. Eric Edwards became Eric Echoes that evening. I think it was the end of 2012. The Album title Majestic Casual was simply an idea of sexy leisure, and beautiful melodies mixed with relaxing and provocative feelings. We actually were contacted by an Entity named Majestic Casual. They loved the project, but nothing has come of it as of yet.

Ha Candy - What is the HSV Revolution?

Eric Echoes - New street movement in HSV. We face so much negativity/injustice in our community, its time to uplift each other through community service & events. It was started by Jurian Isabelle. Rick and Angela Bradshaw, Chenequa Farrah, Masheka Bone are also closely involved.


Ha Candy - Any shout outs?

Eric Echoes - Shout out to my parents, Wanda Womack, Isaiah Edwards, DJ Cunta, Matt Wake, Chipmunkondatraq, Jonathan Bone, Terrence LeCorn, J'Que and Sun-Shyne Enterprises, D'An Harrold and Model Haven Boutique, George Absolutely Business and Club Fourty7/Lotus Lounge, Sam and Ebony Club, Diamond Nightlife - Ando, Red Man, Josh Holley, Kanileigh(220), Enigmatic Mahogany, CP's Exotic Hookah Flavors, Ellery Williams Inc.

Ha Candy - Before we leave tell us one thing many people are surprised to learn about you.

Eric Echoes - One thing? ........ ummmmmm, I have ADHD and OCD. *lmao and crying a little* kmsl!

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